More Towing Calls Club

Getting You More Towing Calls is Our Passion

  • Ready to make $8k to $40k more?
  • Operate 24/7?
  • Can you handle more than 10 towing jobs a day?
  • Local Calls

Right now we have overflow of cash calls in your local area ready to be sent to your dispatcher.

  • Emergency Calls

Calls are from customers who are needing emergency tow or roadside assistance. This provides more earning per job for you.

  • Immediate Cash

Your dispatcher quoted price, dispatch your truck and bill your customers directly. We don’t get in the middle of it and you get paid immediately.

  • No Middleman

Calls are directly and immediately transferred to your dispatcher. No middleman involved means better control of earning.

How Much Does It Cost?

We DO NOT charge a commission percentage of what you earn.

We only charge a small flat rate per qualified phone call. The rate will depend on where you’re located

We don’t charge you for junk calls (i.e.: impound calls, private property calls, sales calls and wrong numbers.)

We don’t charge you for customers calling twice or more, you only pay once.

We can start sending you calls today!

We don’t claim that this will be a good fit for you,
BUT if you operate 24/7 and can handle 10 or more jobs per day,
then you will be earning a lot more.